Keeping everyone safe during these Covid times is our top priority and as such there are some measures that are in place for your safety.

We are excited and proud to be fully open and operational, however, there are some restrictions in place. We want to ensure that, as well as having fun, our members remain as safe as possible whilst enjoying their experience in the Club. We have consulted the guidelines for playing squash and racketball as set out by the Government and England Squash (National Governing Body). For the gym and fitness classes we have followed guidelines issued by the Government and UK Active. Below we describe our adaptation of the guidelines to suit our club. These will be updated as restrictions change and new guidance is issued.


Who can play squash & racketball?

All eligible categories of membership can play on the courts. This includes squash and racketball. The bookings will be made available on the online booking system one week in advance.

However, please note the following advice:

Do not come to site if you have been in contact with anyone who is unwell with suspected or confirmed Covid-19. Do not come on to site if you feel unwell or show any Covid-19 symptoms. Any member who has recovered from a Covid-19 infection where symptoms required hospitalisation should consult their GP before returning to play.


Who can use the gym and attend fitness classes?

All categories of members are able to access the gym and fitness classes.

Please do not leave your home to train if Government advice means you should stay at home because you, or someone you live with, has or has had symptoms of Covid-19, or you have been advised to shield from the Coronavirus.


How do I stay safe?

  • To ensure we comply with the social distancing guidelines, please ensure you maintain a safe distance at all times, observe the signage and any direction from staff. The safety of our members and staff remains paramount.
  • Always leave a safe distance between you and other members when you are walking to your activity or courts and to and from the car park. Also observe the signage and any direction from staff on site.
  • We encourage the use of face masks whilst walking around the club.
  • The changing rooms will be open, but due to capacity and the safety of our members, we encourage members to do your activity and go. If you are using the bar after an activity, please change into new clothes before using this part of the club. There will be a maximum capacity of 6 in the changing rooms and therefore there may be a wait as we monitor numbers to ensure social distancing is maintained. We encourage members to arrive ready, do your activity and then vacate the area after the allocated time.
  • All water fountains in the club will be out of use, so bring your own fluids to stay hydrated, or fill up your water bottle from the bar.
  • Travel to the club is encouraged to be by foot, bike or car.
  • We are utilising a one-way system with separate entry and exit points for all members.
  • Where possible, internal clubhouse doors will be left open to help ventilation.
  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the start of your activity.
  • Please do not ‘wait around’ in groups.
  • We encourage you to use the NHS Track and Trace App.
  • Members must be booked in at reception to aid Track and Trace.


Squash & racketball specific safety rules

  • The court time is now 60 minutes and we would kindly ask you to do a 40 minute session, then spend 5 minutes cleaning the court (products will be provided for all courts). We ask that you leave using the route explained so there is a 15 minute down time for the air to clear between bookings.
  • Please note you are not permitted to wipe your hand on any of the walls.
  • We encourage all members to remain on court throughout their booking time, Please take all valuables and equipment on to court with you as lockers will not be available in the changing rooms.
  • Hand sanitisers will be available as well as disinfectant wipes/spray with paper towel for players as required.
  • Courts will be cleaned on a regular basis by staff. As a minimum, there will be a daily deep clean of each court.
  • Players are advised to use a wrist band on their playing hand. Please also bring a sweat towel and a spare T-shirt.
  • To reduce the risk of spread of the virus we strongly advise members to change their grip on a regular basis.
  • Posters will be positioned around the courts highlighting some of these key rules and changes.
  • A maximum of 2 people will be allowed on court at any one time.


Gym & fitness class specific rules

  • We have created a new Spin studio downstairs in the old creche area and have maintained the studio upstairs next to the lounge area. Please check class timetables for information on location of specific classes.
  • Please ensure you use hand sanitiser before you enter and as you leave the gym or studio. Avoid touching your face during workouts and avoid face-to-face contact.
  • Please follow the social distancing guidelines (2m apart) in the gym and classes.
  • Gym equipment will be spaced 2m apart.
  • There will be a minimum of a 15-minute window between classes.
  • All equipment (including mats etc.) to be cleaned in between uses. This can be done by the member using spray and cloths provided. This is in addition to our own cleaning schedule by staff.
  • Members may also bring their own mats.
  • No equipment will be shared during classes.
  • Where possible, markings will be made on the floor to show the area for individuals.
  • Currently we are unsure what the demand will be for gym memberships during Covid-19, therefore we don’t have a system in place for booking time slots in the gym. Peak times may be busy and if it transpires that we have too many people wanting to use the gym at the same time, we may ask you to limit sessions to an hour in peak times. If demand requires us to add time slot booking then that is something we will implement, as your safety is our priority.


The capacity for fitness activities will be as follows:

  • Indoor Cycling – 23 spaces socially distanced bikes.
  • Studio -20 spaces socially distanced.
  • Gym – 30 people max allowed at any one time , if the number exceed this level then we will have to operate a one in one out policy.


What’s the process for accessing and leaving the club?

  • Ensure you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before leaving home to come to the club.
  • Please enter the club through the main entrance and check in with reception (this will form part of our track and trace system for Covid-19), then go straight to your activity.
  • To exit, please follow the one way system as directed by the signage.


What are the booking rules and procedures?

To ensure fair access for all our members, the booking rules and procedures are as follows:

  • All courts and fitness classes must be booked in advance via the online booking system. Please include your partner/opponent if booking a court on the booking system to help with Track and Trace, (unless you are doing a solo session, then please type ‘solo play’ in opponent field). If you are booking a fitness class we will know you have accessed the club by booking in at the reception.
  • The court time is now 60 minutes and we would kindly ask you to do a 40 minute session, then spend 5 minutes cleaning the court (products will be provided for all courts). We ask that you leave using the route explained so there is a 15 minute down time for the air to clear between bookings.
  • Advance bookings can be made daily, up to 14 days in advance.
  • Members can cancel bookings up to 24 hours in advance, after this period the member will be charged for the activity.
  • Members must cancel their activity as far in advance as possible if they are unable to make their reserved time. If any member is seen to be consistently booking and not turning up, or cancelling, they risk having their booking access revoked for up to 7 days.
  • Do not come to site if you have been in contact with anyone who is unwell with suspected or confirmed Covid-19, and notify so that the club can take measures outlined in Government advice.
  • Turning up to an activity without prior booking is not allowed as stated in Covid-19 guidelines, everyone booking a court of booking a class must use the booking system.


What happens to members who do not comply with the booking rules, procedures and guidelines?

The current rules are designed to give fair access to all and enable us to track usage from a safety and capacity viewpoint. We ask that you think of fellow members and comply by all the safety rules and booking procedures. If members are found to be breaking the rules set out, they will be informed by email and may have their booking access revoked for up to 7 days.

Track and trace

Let’s help stop the spread of Coronavirus, as per Government guidelines please use the NHS Track and Trace system when entering the Club. Posters will be displayed throughout the club, and you can download the app from App Store or Google Play.


When are we open?

Gym and fitness classes will be available between the following times:

  • 6am- 10pm -Monday to Thursday
  • 6am- 8pm – Friday
  • 7am -6pm – Saturday and Sunday


Squash courts are available at the following times:

  • 7am – 10pm (last booking 9pm)
  • Courts 1,2, 3 on the hour
  • Courts 4,5,6 on the half hour
  • Courts can be booked 2 weeks in advance
  • Patrons – can book 3 weeks in advance


Additional squash information and advice

What format can we play?

  • Solo practice
  • Individual coaching
  • Squash or racketball bubbles

Please note that people from the same household can play and train openly.


Protocol for formats of play



  • Please use hand gel before and after play.
  • Courts are 40 minutes only with a 20 minute cooling off period. Please spend 5 minutes to clean door handles and walls you may have accidentally touched.
  • Please do not wipe your hands on the walls at all.
  • Come to the courts changed and ready to play with a full water bottle and towel to wipe your hands and face and we advise the use of sweatbands and headbands.
  • If you wish you wear a face mask or visor that is your choice, and England Squash recommend the use of eyewear for your protection.
  • Please take sweat breaks as to prevent excessive sweat.
  • If using the bar afterwards, please make sure you have put a clean tracksuit on.


Solo play

  • Members must use their own ball.
  • Members who have access to should also use this for guidance.
  • Members should make sure they follow the safety guidelines below.


Individual Coaching

Coach will provide the ball and is the only one to touch the ball throughout the session. Coach to make the court booking and include members’ name. Coach to wear a squash and racketball specific face shield unless both coach and client agree otherwise. Coach to deliver the session with 2 metre social distancing in place at all times and coach to follow all member rules and guidelines.


Squash Bubbles

Squash Bubbles are now permitted. Bubbles are 6 players and you can only play those 6 players and no one from outside the bubble.


How do I book Individual Coaching?

If you are interested in booking one-to-one coaching please contact Ben Hutton directly at


What about equipment?

Please note we will not be offering any equipment for hire during this period, please purchase what you need directly from Ben Hutton.


Dress code

Only clothing specifically designed for fitness, squash or racketball is permitted. Please also wear shoes which are non-marking.


What about re-stringing?

We are still offering a re-stringing service, please liaise with Ben Hutton directly.


Additional gym & fitness class information and advice

Are Personal Trainers available?

One-to-one personal training is available on a limited basis. Members will need to arrange directly with the personal trainer and book their session by phone or email.


If you have any questions or concerns

Please email and we will be happy to answer and address any concerns


Useful contact details