Gyms For All Bodies


A gym is a place for everybody. Not just male bodies. Not just young bodies. Not just able bodies. Not just thin or strong or fit bodies. Every body.

A space where you can work out in your own time, at your own pace, at a level you enjoy.

A space where you can get involved with a group of people who share your interests and passions. A space where you can get expert advice, tailored to YOUR needs, however complex they may be. A space where you can have fun learning something new, or rekindle a long forgotten love of movement.


There’s no pressure to conform to ideas of what being “someone who goes to the gym” should be.


You might hate weightlifting. You might ONLY like weightlifting. You might go every day as part of your routine, or you might only go when you’re in the mood. You might just want to go for the classes, or only go with your friends.

Maybe you just want to turn up by yourself, blast your music up loud in your headphones, cycle the stress of the day away, and leave without speaking to anyone. You might even just want to turn up, grab a cappuccino from the cafe and cheer on a friend in their squash match. All of those are totally valid and great ways to enjoy our club!



Enjoy the gym


It is a place where you can celebrate everything your body is capable of right now, in this moment. Bad early memories of PE or buying into unhelpful diet culture, can be off putting. It’s time to reclaim the gym for you. Exactly as you are now. It’s time to find joy in movement again.


Joyful movement


A positive body image is more than loving how you look at any size, shape and age. It’s also about making your body a positive place to live inside. We only get one body in this life so it’s time to start loving it.

An empowering exercise is to ask your body each day “what movement would feel good today?” Some days will be more energetic than others, some days you might really need to stretch, some days you might feel the urge to dance!



Focus on movement


Next time you’re at the gym, try and focus on any movement that feels joyous. That might mean getting into your stride to your favourite song on the treadmill or how powerful you feel lifting weights. It might be relaxing into a good stretch in yoga or getting caught up in the fun of Zumba. It could be reaching a new personal best or it could be the comfort of the exercise you like doing best, at your pace, just for your body. No-one else’s.


Nobody knows!


The great thing about gyms is no-one else is looking at the numbers on your machine, no-one knows what setting you’re on but you. No-one else gets to set what pace or what resistance you work at without your say so.

The exercise someone else swears by to destress them at the end of a long day might just not work for you, and the thing that gets you the best results might not be something your friend enjoys.

Different bodies are good at different things. Find your thing and enjoy it! Contact us and come along and join a free taster day to see how good it feels.